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"You're starting a 'what' business?"

Because, who the heck would think of an idea like this?

We're a Family... Seriously.

We're koozie lovers just like you!

In May 2013, while barbecuing in the backyard of my California home, my friend's dad and I began talking about our love for koozies and the stories associated with them. He told me about a kitchen drawer devoted to them and how it's impossible to pass one up. We talked about the weird places his koozies came from and  conversations they've started. It made me think "What if we could just bring the koozies from those shady places right to your door?"

Cooler Can Monthly was born.

We launched in June of 2014 and grew quickly. So quickly, that I needed the help of my wife Megan to fulfill orders and contact bar owners. Not long after, we were being contacted newspapers, colleges and blogs asking about our exciting new business. We've also been contacted by  companies eager  to be featured, including retired NFL players and popular televisions shows.

Our goal is to not only make you laugh, but shed some light on the small businesses, bars and restaurants that deserve your attention, but in the world we live in, have a hard time getting it.

Our sexy beast members are the sole reasons for our success in creating this brand. No one should ever forget what brought them to the dance.


Jon Marcher  - Founder of Cooler Can Monthly